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Laughing in the Face of Adversity

My age and my Mindfulness practice have brought me to an interesting place in life. I have found situations that would have mortified me thoroughly when I was younger are now pretty much hilarious. To illustrate, here is a story of what happened to me this morning:

This week is Fall Break for teachers but, in an effort of self-care, I have been taking my daughters to their school so I can have some much needed me-time. This morning we were running late because of a broken bowl situation, which is another story altogether. In my hurriedness, I accidently left my iPhone on top of my car. To be fair, my car is white and my iPhone case is white, too, so it blended in (or at least that is the story I tell myself).

Anywhoo, we get to the entrance of my neighborhood and pull out onto the main road when something heavy goes sliding down the roof of my car and crashing onto the road behind us. For a few seconds, I am wracking my brain trying to remember what exactly I had placed on the roof of the car and if it was important enough to turn around and retrieve. Ah yes, my phone. So, I turn the car around and slowly drive back up the road searching for it. There it was, in the middle of the road, intact; I pull over to the side, put the car in park, and punch on the hazards lights. Oh yes… I forgot to mention I am wearing neither shoes nor a bra under my t-shirt (of which I slept in the night before).

Anywhoo, I get out of the vechicle, look to the cars coming. Look to the left, here comes a cement truck barrelling down the road straight for my phone. Without thinking, I get into a sprinter’s stance and make a run for it. As I am in the process of of grabbing my phone and pivoting to sprint back to the car, my yoga pants fall down. So, I am trying to pull my pants back up with one hand and grasping my phone with the other as the cement truck kindly slows down to have a look.

May I remind you that my three and five year old daughters are in the back of the car watching all this go down? When I get back in the car, they are laughing hysterically and yelling, “Mommy we saw your panties!!!”

What do you do? C’est la vie.

So, we all laugh together and have a moment of shared happiness.

Can I go back and change what happened? No. Do I worry about what the truckers saw? Nah. Am I concerned my girls are going to tell their teachers what their mommy did this morning when they get to school? I could be but I’m not. It happened and it was funny and that is that.

And yes, my phone still works. Thank you again, Life-Proof phone case.

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