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We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not
work when dealing with an individual's stress and anxiety.
That's why NGMP has designed specific programs and events to help with any area of your life upon which you are looking to improve.

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Yoga & Meditation Retreats

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Yoga & Meditation Retreats 

NGMP offers a number of retreats.

Need to get away from the daily routine? NGMP provides an opportunity to retreat from life for awhile to focus on yourself and your practice. Retreats are available throughout the year. Click below to learn more about upcoming retreats.

Meditation by the Sea

Mindfulness Workshops

NGMP can facilitate a 1 to 2-hour Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation workshop at your desired location. We take you through the brain science behind meditation and teach various Mindfulness & Meditation strategies, which will give participants the tools to begin a personal practice. Click below to learn about our Mindfulness & Meditation workshops.  

The Mindful Living Project is an 8 week course designed to teach Mindfulness to the general population who have to deal with stress and anxiety in everyday life.

Our Mindfulness programs are different. We know that one size doesn't fit all and it took us years to develop our programs. The Mindful Living Project was developed for people like us who want to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives, quiet the voice in their heads, and live and enjoy each and every moment. Mindfulness is not a silver bullet and it will not cure a disease or empty your mind but it will improve your life by teaching you how to interact with your thoughts without letting them control you. We wouldn't be teaching something that we haven't tried ourselves and experienced first hand benefits in our own lives.  

The course can be taught in the group setting in person, one on one, or online via Google Meet, Skype, or Face Time.

First Responders work under incredibly challenging conditions. A Mindfulness practice can provide relief from burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, provide a sense of calm under pressure, and the enable people to be “in the zone” while on the job.

The curriculum was developed by combining MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) which focuses on stress and anxiety reduction while increasing concentration and awareness with MAC (Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment) program with the main purpose of increasing focus, concentration, human performance, and self-regulation. This program is used by today's elite athletes including the Seattle Seahawks, Golden State Warriors, Olympic athletes and also the USMC.

The course can be taught in the group setting in person, one on one, or online via Google Meet, Skype, or Face Time.

We all agree being a teacher today is demanding. Teaching is a tough, exhausting job; self-care is essential to counteract all-too-common teacher burnout, which is currently at 40-50% within the first five years.

We must juggle our time, manage resources, organize and plan our curriculum, communicate with students, parents, colleagues, administrators, and more. Stress, anxiety and depression are only a few of the struggles experienced by educators. Our inner-critic is usually talking to us non-stop, telling us we are not doing a good enough job or that we are failing to reach every kid we teach. The demands of this career can be overwhelming, but there are tools we can use to step back and be kind to ourselves. The practice of mindfulness is one such tool.


Dr. Place and Dr. Delaney (the instructors for this course) are or have been public school teachers and have been in the classroom for the past 20 years. They both agree that Mindfulness has changed their lives in and out of the classroom.

The course can be taught in the group setting in person, one on one, or online via Google Meet, Skype, or Face Time.

This program was developed to assist those who are currently in a recovery program for alcohol, drug, and other addictive substance abuse. 

Automatic pilot describes our tendency to react without awareness. When we experience cravings and urges to use alcohol or other drugs, we often go into automatic pilot; that is, we act upon the urges without full awareness of what is happening and what the consequences will be. Mindfulness can help us step out of this automatic pilot mode, raise our awareness, and make more conscious choices in how we respond rather than react in habitual and self-defeating ways. Our Mindfulness Recovery program is taught exclusively at addiction recovery centers in conjunction with their IOP programs.

In today's high-paced world, it has become all too easy to be increasingly distracted, stressed out, and overburdened, which can quickly lead to becoming burned out and overwhelmed. Corporate leaders face unprecedented rates of change in industries that range from manufacturing to technology or the financial sector. Many people don’t have or were never taught the skills to navigate these demands successfully...that's where we come in.

The Mindful Organization Program provides a curriculum that teaches tools for the reduction of stress and anxiety while increasing focus, self-awareness, and resilience.

Supported by research in neuroscience, Mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, the program will provide individuals skills to improve themselves and therefore directly benefit their employer. 

The course can be taught in the group setting in person, one on one, or online via Google Meet, Skype, or Face Time.

The Mindful Student program was the first program that we developed and taught. After practicing Mindfulness ourselves, and as teachers in the public school setting, we witnessed firsthand the tremendous amount of stress our students were experiencing. We developed the Mindful Student program and taught it for three years collecting data the entire time. The improvements shown in the data along with the feedback we received from the students and their parents was incredible. We published an article with the results and have now begun working with the school system to implement it throughout the school. Developing this skill as a young person is a very powerful tool for working with the stress, anxiety, and depression that the current generation is experiencing.

The course can be taught in the group setting in person, one on one, or online via Google Meet, Skype, or Face Time.

NGMP offers Individual & Team training of athletes of any age for any sport. We use the MAC (Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment) program along with the MSPE (Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement).

Athletes of any age in any sport are under an immense amounts of pressure. This pressure builds as the athlete is relied upon to perform at their highest level by their coach, teammates, fans and, most importantly, themselves (the voice in your head). The higher the probability that one's performance will be less than expected, the more difficult it becomes to perform at one's highest level. When the performance falters, the opponent or team gains an advantage. As the opponent or team begins scoring more the pressure on the athlete expands, the mind contracts and the player begins to perform poorly. This scenario is also a factor in sports where an athlete is competing against themselves or a clock. The opponent in each of these cases is their own mind. 

The Mindful Athlete Program is a course that teaches tools for the reduction of stress, anxiety, increased focus, self-awareness and resilience. Mindfulness is a researched based technique that anyone can use to become a better athlete. More importantly, anyone can learn Mindfulness and the benefits that assist the athlete also permeate through life, reducing stress at school, work, and day-to-day activities. 

Professional athletes around the world were the first to experience the benefits of Mindfulness while looking for that edge over their opponent. Now, after many years of research, Mindfulness has found its way down into college, high school, and even young children to help all atheletes experience the power of being in the moment. 

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