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Mindful Teacher Project

Mindful Teacher Project Overview

The Mindful Teacher Project is an 8-week course designed to teach teachers Mindfulness in order to assist them with the stress that comes with being a classroom teacher.

Why North Georgia Mindfulness?

Teacher and Pupil

We all agree being a teacher today is demanding. Teaching is a tough, exhausting job; self-care is essential to counteract all-too-common teacher burnout, which is currently at 40-50% within the first five years.

We must juggle our time, manage resources, organize and plan our curriculum, communicate with students, parents, colleagues and administrators and more. Stress, anxiety, and depression are only a few of the struggles experienced by educators. Our inner-critic is usually talking to us non-stop, telling us we are not doing a good enough job or that we are failing to reach every kid we teach. In addition, some days it is just plain tough to get in front of students and be excited about our subject. The demands of this career can be overwhelming, but there are tools we can use to step back and be kind to ourselves. The practice of Mindfulness is one such tool.


Mindfulness can help in all facets of our lives, not just teaching. The practice gives us the choice to thoughtfully respond to situations rather than immediately react. Mindfulness fosters empathy and compassion as well as improves personal relationships -- including the relationship we have with ourselves. Mindfulness also helps us pay more attention to and enjoy the present moment. These are the reasons why we decided to create a Mindfulness course for teachers. 

Dr. Place and Dr. Delaney (The instructors for this course) are both public school teachers and have been in the classroom for the past 18 years. They both agree that Mindfulness has changed their lives in and out of the classroom.

Research and data collected from previous teachers who have take the course:

The teachers who attended a previous Mindfulness course had an average reduction of 35% in their stress, 45% in anxiety and 29% in depression at the end of the 8-week course as shown through weekly data acquired via the DASS Survey. Moreover, many of the participants were genuinely appreciative of the course offering and some even decided to take it again the next semester!



Q: What did you get most out of taking this class?

           “ held me accountable for really practicing Mindfulness in everyday life.”

           “Learning that I am not alone with these problems. To live in the moment.”


Q: Do you have any comments or suggestions?

           “I really enjoyed it. Keep it up and maybe people will catch on - Thanks again, I appreciate all that you guys                     did!”


           “I found the whole experience rewarding, insightful (about myself) and helpful in controlling stress levels. I                      thoroughly recommend it to everyone who has issues controlling anxiety and stress or just being able to                        focus.”

Contact Info:

For more information, costs, or to set up an appointment to discuss lesson options, please contact us at:


Dr. Place      678-641-3333

Dr. Delaney       678-629-7155

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