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Welcome to The Mindful Toolbox

North Georgia Mindfulness Project

Mindfulness by NGMP is Simple, Secular, & Scientifically Proven

North Georgia Mindfulness Project
NGMP was featured in the Jan 2018 edition of Voyage ATL Magazine!! 

Programs offered by NGMP

Below are a Few Examples of the Benefits of MINDFULNESS

Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Reduce Chronic Pain


Lower Depression Levels


Reduction of OCD Issues


Reduction of  Rumination

Learning to Live in the Moment

Increased Focus


Boost Working Memory


Improve Concentration


Improve Cognitive Ability


Cognitive Flexibility


Better Test Performance



Less Emotional  Reactivity


Improvement in  Personal Relationships


Acceptance of    Troublesome Thoughts   & Emotions

Reduction of ADHD  Symptoms

Improvement in Sleep


Weight Reduction


Blood Pressure Reduction


Increased Immune  Function

Better Quality of Life

Rise in Productivity

Increase in Creativity

The graphs below are from previous students who have taken our class. Participants completed the Self Survey DASS (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale) periodically.

                            Depression                                      Anxiety                                            Stress

     Depression            Anxiety                   Stress

Quotes from our former students

I found the whole experience rewarding, insightful (about myself), and helpful in controlling stress levels

I learned from the held me accountable for really practicing Mindfulness in everyday life.

I learned that I am not alone with these problems, and how to live in the moment.

Patrick worked with my teenage daughter who is a soccer player and was struggling with some of the mental pressure of playing in a competitive environment. It has made a huge difference in her confidence and it shows in her performance and her happiness on and off the field. 

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              Depression                             Anxiety                                      Stress

So Why Choose Mindfulness Anyways?

     With a full menu of options available that includes self-help empowerment, New Age secrets, psychological and philosophical theories--not to mention organic and manufactured substances--what advantage does Mindfulness bring to the already over-crowded table?

     Mindfulness is a way to live purposefully and deliberately. In essence, it's a shift in the way we see ourselves and the way we see and interact with the world around us. It means learning to look at and understand how our minds operate inwardly, how we consider ourselves, and, outwardly, how we consider the world.

     With this understanding, we can actively take control of how our thought patterns function as our minds act and react to the constantly changing world around us. There are no new belief systems to adopt. If anything, it's a letting go of many of our set beliefs.

     Through Mindfulness you can come to see that, in reality, all of your problems arise from your own mind, from within your own thoughts. For example, you may blame others or the world for your problems. But if you learn to look at a challenge honestly, you'll see that you have a choice in how you respond to it. Blame no longer becomes a way out.

     With Mindfulness, other people's actions or large-scale actions that occur in the world don't matter so much. You can't control any of that. What is infinitely more advantageous is understanding why you react the way you do to the actions of others, and how those reactions impact your state of mind at every moment. This you can control (Michael H. Brooks, from his book This. Only This.).

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