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Meeting 2020 with Mindfulness

These are just a few of the (what feel to be) HUGE worries we adults all seem to share right know. I hash-tagged them because, well, it's what you do these days, I guess.

I wonder how much our worrying about these issues is affecting our children's emotional stability. Do they feel the negative energy we are putting out there through our thoughts? Does our angst make them fearful? Worrying about how my kids perceive my worrying makes NO sense logically but I still do it. Children look to us for a sense of security but I don't know many adults right now who, deep down, feel that things are or will be okay.

It's a tough time. There is no getting around it. So, how do we meet the dumpster fire that is 2020 with Mindfulness? What's the difference between accepting that life is challenging right now and becoming bogged down in the negativity of it all?

The key is just to realize when we are having negative thoughts and step back to watch them without judgement. Instead of trying to push those thoughts away OR buying into the thoughts and believing they are true, just watch them from afar and breathe. This is HARD to do. Here's an analogy: basketball (or insert any other sport) practice is to meditation as game day is to 2020. In other words, when we have a daily meditation practice, we are practicing for when it's "game time" and we have to deal with the life challenges that tend to produce our negative thought patterns. When we don't practice meditation, we are less prepared to deal constructively with those elbows life throws in our faces.

Personally, after establishing a consistent meditation practice, I find that although difficulties are, well, difficult, I more quickly realize when my thoughts turn to negative rumination and am able to pull myself out of the muck before too much personal suffering occurs.

We only have a couple more months left of 2020 but don't deceive yourself and believe everything is going to be roses when the clock turns to 12:01AM. Accepting our lives for what they are right now is the practice of Mindfulness; meditation is the "time out" we need to catch our breath.

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