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Mindful Student Project

Program Overview

The Mindful Student Project is an 8-week course designed to teach students Mindfulness in order to assist them with the stress that comes with being a student in the 21st Century.

Why North Georgia Mindfulness?

The Mindful Student program was the first program that we developed and taught. After practicing Mindfulness ourselves, and as teachers in the public school setting, we witnessed firsthand the tremendous amount of stress that our students were experiencing. We developed the Mindful Student Project and taught it for three years, collecting data the entire time. The improvements shown in the data along with the feedback we received from the students and their parents was incredible. We published an article with the results and have now begun working with the school system to implement it throughout the school. Developing this skill as a young person is a very powerful tool for working with the stress, anxiety, and depression that the current generation is experiencing.


For more information, costs, or to set up an appointment to discuss lesson options, please contact us:

Dr. Place  678-641-3333

Dr. Delaney   678-629-7155 

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