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Mindful Organization Project

Helping Businesses Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Their Employees 

Mindful  Organization Project Overview

NGMP offers programs for individuals and we also work with companies to train employees in Mindfulness.

Why North Georgia Mindfulness?

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In today's high paced world, it has become all too easy to be increasingly distracted, stressed out, and overburdened which can quickly lead to becoming burned out and overwhelmed. Corporate leaders face unprecedented rates of change in industries that range from manufacturing to technology or the financial sector. Many people don’t have or were never taught the skills to navigate these demands successfully...that's where we come in.

The Mindfulness and emotional understanding you'll learn from NGMP will help you to:

Reduce stress, anxiety, and create greater well-being, and resilience.

Reduce Stress

Enhance performance, teamwork, and compassion.

Enhance Performance

Increase efficiency and decision-making skills.

Increase Efficiency

Boost originality and creative thinking.

Increase Originality

The Mindful Organization Project is a curriculum that teaches employees tools for the reduction of stress and anxiety while increasing focus, self-awareness, and resilience so that we can help people create a better world for themselves and those who they encounter in life.

Supported by research in neuroscience, Mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, the program will provide individuals skills to improve themselves and therefore directly benefit their employer. 

Mindfulness promotes well-being

Can Mindfulness improve job performance?

How Mindfulness improves decision-making

How Mindful meditation boosts creativity and innovation

For more information, costs, or to set up an appointment to discuss lesson options, please contact us at:

Dr. Place      678-641-3333

Dr. Delaney       678-629-7155

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