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Quotes from former students

Do you believe Mindfulness has helped you to reduce your stress and anxiety?

Yes, it has stopped my stress and over thinking.

Yes, because I'm starting to get less stressed out about tests coming up.

Yes, I meditate during study hall and it reduces my stress.

Yes, because most of the time I feel less stress about things.

Yes. I believe this has helped because my mind used to scare me now it doesn't

Yes. It helped me reduce my stress and anxiety before tests, quizzes, and homework.

Yes. It gives me time to relax and not worry so much. If I need to do homework or work on a project I can and Mindfulness reduces my stress and anxiety. Also, Mindfulness helps me focus on the now, not the past or future.

Yes. It gives me a time and place to slow and calm down. Something I woudn't be able to do on my own. 

Yes. I think it has helped greatly and shows by my improved grades and increased willingness to participate or present.

Yes. It helps me so now I can finish my homework.

Yes. I think it has helped me reduce my anxiety and stress a considerable amount considering when I started I was so anxiety prone I couldn't function without putting on a show.


How has Mindfulness/Meditation helped you during your day.

I use meditation when I feel myself getting overwhelmed or overly stressed like when I have to present in the next classes, focusing on what I need to do at the moment when I'm thinking about something completely different. When I notice this, I take a deep breath and meditate. 

Earlier today before presenting my living history assignment I took some time to calm myself down before going up to present.

I find myself using Mindfulness the most when studying for a test. I look at the information and if I begin to stress I use Mindfulness to bring myself back to a calm state.

Before a math test. I will sit and just listen to my breath. I do that so I can get all the bad thoughts out of my head and focus on the now.

During different times in my day I take long, deep Mindful breaths.

I was playing with some friends and some guy expected me to fight, but I used Mindfulness and walked away.

I use it when I'm about to take a quiz or test.

When we are given extra time at the end of my classes I meditate. 

I use meditation before tests if I'm stressed out.

When two friends of mine were angry at each other I told them to sit and relax and after I explained what was wrong.



What one thing do you believe has been most helpful to you in learning Mindfulness and applying it to your life?


My cutting behavior. I can stop myself from that one thing now.

Meditation has lessened the stress during the day.

When you are feeling stressed out, you just focus on your breath and you calm down.

Not to stress about things too much.

How to understand the Fight or Flight has helped me.

It helps me get through homework that is hard.

One thing is stopping and listening to my breath. For exmple when I'm in an argument with a friend or family member. I       can always just walk away and use Mindfulness.

The Mindful breathing exercises hands down! It doesn't take long and makes a big difference.

The ability to stop and think about what it is I am about to do before doing it.

I think that learning that I shouldn't push feelings away and that I should accept them the way they are really helped boost my mood and decrease my stress levels.


Would you recommend that others try Mindfulness?

I would recommend it to everyone to help themselves because if it can help me it can help anyone.

I would recommend it because it helps reduce stress from everyday life as well as helping me focus.

Yes, if they were really stressed out a lot of this could really help them do better.

Yes, it helps your stress level stay down.

Yes, it really helps you stay connected.

Yes, because it helps with your stress, so you will not stress.

Yes, so they can practice Mindfulness to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Yes, because it can help others to lower their stress levels.

Yes, because they will have time to think and relax.

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